YATTA! Hiro Nakamura Returns in the HEROES: REBORN Trailer!


After NBC decided they hated me and cancelled “Heroes” I spent countless nights dressing up as a cheerleader and pretending my cat was Sylar as we battled in the kitchen. Although Sylar (Mittens) would get carried way and scratch the shit out of me, I was able to get a little bit of that awe that I felt when watching that new show about humans getting super powers. Of course the scratches all over my face and body didn’t heal like Claire’s, and my maniacal cat wasn’t able to steal my powers (just my socks), and my girlfriend left me, but there was still a yearning for more after the abrupt end to the show. NBC has answered our geek prayers and brought back this awesome show so middle aged men no longer have to dress like teenage girls and get into bloody battles with their pets. Now, you may be asking “Why didn’t you dress as one of the male characters?” I will counter with, “Hey, look over there! it’s your business! Why don’t you go mind it?”

“Heroes: Reborn” looks like a promising refresh of the old show and even though I can never again be within 500 yards of that bitch and her sadistic cat,  the original characters will always be close to my heart.

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