The Trailer For Schwarzenegger’s Zombie Drama MAGGIE is Here!

I am not used to seeing a Schwarzenegger movie where he isn’t running around with guns, shooting everyone while screaming incoherently in Germanglish, so it seems he has re-invented himself in the new drama “Maggie”, by walking slowly with guns and giving the camera dirty looks. It tells the story of a mid west father named Wade (who inexplicably has an Austrian accent) finds out his daughter has been infected with a virus and is turning into a zombie. Now this looks like it could be a tear jerker, I mean, what dad wants to find out his daughter has contracted a serious disease? I know what you’re going to say “Paris Hilton’s dad lives with this every day.” Very true, but it’s hard to tell who has herpes just by looking at them, so in a way, zombies are less dangerous than Valtrex Hilton.

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