Resident Evil For Gamecube Getting a Facelift For the Next Gen Consoles

Like one of those west african cave goblinsĀ on real housewives of wherever, Capcom doesn't know when to stop. Like the leathery faces of those drunken ass hats, Capcom is going to suck out some fat, maybe take some skin off the ass and put it on the face of Resident Evil for Gamecube and re-release it for Xbox One and PS4. Remastering titles for next gen is lazy. I would much rather see a re-imagining of the original Resident Evil, than play the same godamn game over and over. I loved this game when it came out for Gamecube. I also loved pong, but that doesn't mean I want them to remaster the two lines and make the ball round. Wait...can they do that? REMASTER PONG!