Comic-Con Awesomeness: Xbox Has Revealed The Trailer For Its New TV Series HALO: NIGHTFALL!

Comic-con is a holy place for geeks and nerds alike and not only because it gives them a chance to meet up with fellow my little pony fans or "bronies", but they also get a chance to see hot women wearing revealing costumes┬ásee all of the exclusive releases from various movies and video games. Another awesome reveal has come our way in the form of the trailer for "Halo: Nightfall" which is a tv series that will lead up to the newest Halo game, ┬áHalo 5: Guardians. If you've never heard of Halo, then you're obviously lost and may god have mercy on your soul.   I don't know how much harder my nipples can get, but I'm sure comic-con won't stop until I run out of shirts. Check out some images below!