The Trailer for the Video Game Adaption DEAD RISING: WATCHTOWER is Here!

I love zombies. You love zombies. We all love zombies. There are great zombie movies and really bad ones, but this one actually looks good. Check it out below!   I have played out a zombie epidemic scenario in my head about a million times. Will I survive? Do I have what it takes to make it in the zombie apocalypse? Is a platypus just a duck with a fancy fur coat? All these important questions bounce around my brain, but no matter what, at the end of the scenario, I always end up barricaded in a mansion with Kate Upton and Betty White. I know what you're thinking, "Shouldn't you just send Kate out for supplies so you and Betty can get ya freak on?" Well, someone has to hold the camera while me and Betty play our favorite game "Banana and Raisins". Bow ...


  I am ecstatic over the news that Legendary Pictures have acquired the right to Dead Rising! Hopefully this production company doesn't jump out of the bushes, tear down Dead Rising's panties and violate it similar to the way the Resident Evil movies took my heart out for a drink, roofied it, then left it on the side of the road smelling like Drakkar Noir and regret. That was graphic. Well enough about my pain, back to the good news! You think you're excited? Feel these nipples! Check out the full article here!