Spider-Man to Join Marvel Cinematic Universe in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR PART1?!


The folks over at Latino Review supposedly have sources that confirm that Sony and Marvel Studios have inked a deal where Spider-man will join the avengers in “Avengers:Infinity War Part 1”. The role will be recast and spidey will join just in time for “Captain America: Civil War”. Latino Review usually have been pretty reliable in the past so we should all, at least, take this with a slightly larger grain of salt and hope to Thor that it is true. Check out the article at Latino Review for some potentially big spoilers, but then again it could all be nonsense. Either way I am excited and have taken my pants off so I can do a celebratory dance on my lawn. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU LOOKING AT ROGER?! IT’S LIKE YOU’VE NEVER SEEN A HALF NAKED GUY, WEARING A THOR HELMET, DOING AN AMAZING LAWN DANCE BEFORE! Oh look, those cars pulling in front of my house have disco lights on the roof. NOW IT’S A PARTY!

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