Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge Looks Pretty Damn Awesome

Smart phones are getting smarter and smarter and I am always excited for the release of any new smartphone whether it’s an iPhone or a Galaxy. At the recent Samsung event “Unpacked”, folks got a look at the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and another “premium” option of  the Note 4 called “Edge”. It’s certainly a different type of phone and the use of the side of the phone to create a second screen is pretty cool. I saw some mock ups of an iPhone designed like this and it looked beautiful. Not everyone will be a fan of this new design, but I like any company that tries to do something different.

galaxynoteedge-lead (1)

Check out a more in depth look at the new Galaxy Note 4 Edge at Engadget !

Man, Technology is awesome! Silicon is shooting our society straight into the future! From the wearable devices like Google Glass, to other, more permanent wearable devices like giant, fake breasts! TECHNOLOGY RULES! BOOBIES!

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