Samsung Announces Their Virtual Reality Headset GEAR VR

It seems Samsung is coming out guns blazing before the Apple event on September 9th. Samsung has already announced their new smartphone line as well as their new wearable tech. Now Samsung, partnered with the folks over at Oculus Rift, have announced GEAR VR, which is a virtual reality headset that will use the new Galaxy Note 4 as a screen and just by looking at photos, it looks like a lot of fun.


This will obviously not be a necessity for most galaxy note 4 buyers, but anyone who loves technology will surely be snatching up one of these things, and if I know some of you pervs you will be buying this thing as soon as you renew your porn subscriptions this year. As for me, I will be using my actual reality headset called my glasses. That raccoon looks so lifelike, hey little buddy!…how long do I have before rabies sets in?

Check out more coverage and a hands on video over at Engadget!

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