Robert Downey Jr. Joins CAPTAIN AMERICA 3 For A Little CIVIL WAR!


ComingSoon.Net reports that Robert Downey Jr. is joining the new Captain America movie to start the “Civil War” story line in the marvel universe. RDJ was on Ellen and hinted that there will be an “Iron Man 4”, but it seems he was actually talking about being in “Captain America 3”. Marvel has just announced a new “Civil War” comic coming so they have probably changed bits of the original civil war story line to fit more fluidly with the movies. I know you’ve already torn your pants off in celebration and there’s nothing a geek likes to hear more than “MORE MARVEL MOVIES”, but have some dignity… You’re in a nursing home for christ’s sake. No, you’re in a nursing home. GODAMNIT AGNES, YOU’LL GET YOUR PUDDING WHEN I’M DONE DANCING. I’LL STOP BEING UNPROFESSIONAL WHEN YOU STOP BEING UNYOUNG!

Check out the full story HERE!


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