Next Resident Evil Movie Will Be the Last in Paul W.S. Anderson’s Butchering of the Franchise


I know I sound pretty cynical and I think i have every right to be. Resident Evil was a terrifying game, and even when I look back at the laughable graphics in the original game for the first playstation, I am still amazed at how scary it was. Then Anderson comes along and makes the worst possible video game to movie adaption I have ever seen, and somehow gets permission to keep throwing up these dumb sequels over and over. I’m done ranting, but as a die hard Resident evil fan, it’s not enough to pepper in characters from the games, while completely destroying the story line and removing any elements that made the game so terrifying. Hooray for this news and to Paul W.S. Anderson. May god have mercy on your soul. The new movie is tentatively titled: “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter“. I, for one, will be lobbying for the title, “Resident Evil: ┬áThe Diarrhea Explosion on Your Eyeballs Spectacular“. Catchy isn’t it?

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