Are These The New Storm Troopers of Starwars Episode 7?

IndieRevolver has posted what are reported to be the new storm trooper designs for Starwars Episode 7. They look real bad ass, but with all the cosplay people out there making amazing replicas of Starwars characters I’m going to remain skeptical until we see a trailer. I take pride in being somewhat of a Starwars expert and believe me when I tell you J.J. Abrams is going to bring Starwars back to its original glory and soon Starwars geeks will be able to wear their jedi cloaks in public again. The days when I got ridiculed because of my “Jar Jar is my homeboy” bumper sticker will soon be behind me! No longer will girls tell you to “go to hell” when you ask them to play “wack the wampa”. It’s going to be a new age of…What’s that? oh, none of these things will change? Well at least I know my life size replica of princess Leia will never leave me. Oh, it fell onto my Millenium Falcon candle and burnt to ash. HA! Even your dumb Leia statue thinks you’re a nerd and killed itself. I don’t think we could constitute that as suicide being that a statue is an inanimate object. She left a note. I have some crying to do.


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