New Hybrid Dinosaur “D-REX” From JURASSIC WORLD Revealed!

Some new art (which looks like it is on plates and cups for a children’s party) has just been revealed from the upcoming “Jurassic Park” sequel, “Jurassic World”. One of the main plot points in the new film is the parks introduction of a genetically manipulated, hybrid dinosaur, the “D-Rex”. This dinosaur is created to bring new crowds to the now functioning, but declining in attendance, park. Then we follow the basic JP formula of dinosaurs escaping and eating people. I have to say this “D-Rex” looks pretty bad ass and I’m excited to see it in action, and by in action I mean getting into hilarious hijinks, and by hilariousĀ hijinks I mean mercilessly eating people. Don’t tell me I need therapy! YOU NEED THERAPY, MOM!



It’s funny, there was a kid I knew in junior high school we called D-Rex. He would walk around like a dinosaur and try to bite everyone’s penis. My 12th birthday party was basically just a group of kids huddled in a corner while D-Rex circled us like Elton John in a bath house. I still can’t sing happy birthday without holding my crotch…SPEAKING OF BIRTHDAY PARTIES! Now I am going to go find out where I can find these paper plates and cups so today’s kids can feelĀ a much more healthy fear of being eaten by a dinosaur and not an overweight 12 year old with a cheeto dust covered face.

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