The New ANT-MAN Poster and Trailer are Finally Here!

     Marvel continues its merciless plucking of our heart strings with a trailer for their new movie “Ant-Man”. Though he may not be as widely known, Ant-Man is a very popular property for Marvel and it looks like Paul Rudd will play the part pretty well. I always thought Rudd was like a Streisand, but he’s rocking the shit in this one.

I feel particularly attached to this movie on an emotional level, because girls in school called me Ant-Man due to my affinity with the tiny insects. They would always come into the locker room and laugh and point and say hey look it’s the Ant-Man! It was odd, because most of the time I didn’t have my pet ants with me. Oh, that wasn’t why they called me that?  Ohhhhhhhhhh….I have a lot of crying to catch up on.

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