Microsoft Reveals Amazing Holographic Headset “HoloLens”

This is some future tech we have right here. Microsoft has announced their new product, “HoloLens”, which is this headset with a screen and full GPU and CPU that uses augmented reality to create holograms you can react with. I’m not Bill Nye, so I’ll let the reveal video show you how awesome this thing is.

It’s still in development, but I have already started a list of all the things I’m going to do with this thing. First, I am going to projects a shit ton of hologram friends on my couch so I don’t have to keep playing sega genesis with my cat.┬áNext I will go on many virtual dates with holographic ladies. Some will reject me, the rest will cheat on me with my holographic friends. I become bitter. I create a holographic bar in my living room. I consume numerous holographic whiskeys. I pass out in a pile of empty, holographic whiskey glasses and some very real vomit and tears.┬áThat got pretty dark. Maybe I am not ready for this technology. GET THIS THING OFF ME! “Those are just sunglasses”. Oh, right…I knew that. It’s probably a good time to stop drinking this Absinthe.

Check out the “HoloLens” in more detail at Microsoft!

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