Marvel Announces Their New SPIDER-MAN!!!!!!

Marvel has finally made their choice for their version of the web slinger and after rumors of Asa Butterfield getting the part, Kevin Feige has officially announced that….


Tom Holland will be taking up the mantle of Spider-Man! After 80 tries, I am sure Hollywood will get it right this time. I think we can all rest easy knowing Spider-Man is finally in the capable hands of Marvel Studios. I am especially relieved, because after I auditioned for this part I started to play out how my life would change when I became famous for being the new “Spider-Man”. It was nothing but women, fast cars, drugs, midget parties, goat surfing, Taylor Swift and twinkie fisting. It was terrifying, so I am glad they decided to go in another direction, because honestly, Taylor Swift is Just awful. The first stand alone “Spider-Man” film for this reboot will be directed by Jon Watts for a July 28, 2017 release date.

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