KIDNEY FOR SALE! LG Announces First 4K OLED TV With $11,700 Price Tag

Well, I guess poor people will never get to experience the crisp picture offered on LG’s new 4K OLED flat screens. The more I read about these 4K televisions, the more I feel I can wait. I don’t think there is enough 4K content to warrant spending my life savings ($147.87) on a television that I can’t use to its full potential. Hopefully in 5 years these flat screens will drop in price so I can finally watch my Golden Girls blu rays in the crisp 4K resolution they deserve. I am admitting that I am no expert on televisions and I won’t pretend to know the difference between regular LED vs. 4K LED, but judging by the drastic price difference I’ll assume 4K would make Bea Arthur look even sexier. RIP you geriatric goddess.



Check out a much more astute article at Gizmodo

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