Jurassic World Director Teases New Dinosaur!

jurassic-world-colin-trevorrow-teases-new-dinosaur (1)

The director of the new “Jurassic World”, Colin Trevorrow has released a new photo on his twitter which seems to reveal a new amphibious dinosaur to the “Jurassic Park” universe. In the photo you can clearly see water on the ground and it looks like the shadow of ┬áMosasaur jaws or the unmistakable shadow of my meth addicted neighbor that I see on my bedroom wall at night. Either way it did serious damage to my undies. I provided a pic of a Mosasaur below, and before you ask, I can’t provide a photo of my neighbor because I don’t want you to gouge your own eyes out from the sheer horror. It’s up to you to decide which dinosaur you think this may be, and it’s up to me to call the cops on my neighbor, who is clearly taking a dump on my garden gnome.



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