I’m Going to Wreck My Living Room: This Star Wars Light Saber Training Game for the Oculus Rift Looks Amazing

There have been so many great Star Wars games and there have been so many terrible ones. This light saber training game for the Oculus Rift looks like it may be the most fun if you’re a Star Wars nut job like myself. I remember when I got my first giant Jar-Jar Binks Tattoo on my back, and right after the artist stopped laughing and making fun of me, we spoke about how awesome it would be for a real light saber to exist. This game seems like it might scratch the itch many of us fanatics have been feeling ever since we first chased our cat with our first replica light saber. I have heard a lot of great things about the Oculus Rift and it is on my bucket list to own one for the very life-like gaming experience. The Oculus Rift is going to revolutionize the way we play games. It will break barriers and allow us to explore first-person shooters in an amazingly realistic and fun way. I mean, with this type of technology it will feel like you’re actually getting a lap dance from that giant-breasted, anime, half- woman, half- cat character you have on your sex pillow.

Check out this awesome game play video courtesy of Sploid


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