GHOSTBUSTERS Being Rebooted With All Female Cast

I am all for making the new Ghostbusters all female, but I think a reboot is not the way to go. If you wanted to make a couple of the girls the children of the original Ghostbusters and they recruit a few others that’s fine, but rebooting a classic franchise like this is a kick in the pants to Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis (RIP), and Ernie Hudson. There is such a rich and awesome back story already set that they could easily make a third chapter with a new female group of Ghostbusters. I don’t want to tick off any of you feminists out there so I hope you understand that I am all for ladies fighting ghosts, and there are so many hilarious actresses that I think it could work really well, but Paul Feig is a douche who is going to take an awesome mythology that has endured decades and ruin it. Once again, this has nothing to do with the Ghostbusters being female, girls can do guy stuff now. I had this girl over for dinner the other day and I passed by the bathroom and she was peeing standing up, so I am well aware of woman shooting down these gender stereotypes.  Woman can do whatever a man can do! What do you mean the girl probably had a penis? Well it’s called equal rights and if a woman wants to have a penis she can. Oh, you’re saying it was a man. Come to think of it, Matthewina is an odd name for a girl. Oh god…

Anyway, check out the link of the interview with Paul Feig at Entertainment Weekly and forget the last couple of sentences of this post!

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