These Fan Made Star Wars: Episode VII Poster Are Getting Geeks All Hot and Bothered

Can a movie poster be sexy? Of course it can. Hollywood goes out of its way to make movie posters sexy, so sex deprived fans will walk by, get a half chub and buy tickets. Now I pose an even more important question…Could a Star wars poster with no people in it be sexy? You bet your no-sex-having ass it could. A gifted Deviant Art-artist, who goes by the call sign, AndrewSS7, whipped up these stunning Episode 7 posters and I have to say, my mind is seeing the millennium falcon, but my body sees Kate Upton, nude, covered in nutella, riding a speeder bike wearing a storm trooper helmet. Yeah, they’re that sexy.

Check out the tantalizing posters below!

sw_episode_vii___teaser_1_by_andrewss7-d6a5ddk sw_episode_vii___teaser_2_by_andrewss7-d6abun6 sw_episode_vii___teaser_3_by_andrewss7-d6ahhzx

Thanks to GeekTyrant and iO9 for the heads up!

Now, if you’ll excuse me…I have to be alone with myself. TO WRITE STAR WARS FAN FICTION YOU SICK BASTARDS.

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