Which Familiar Star Wars Villain May be Returning for Episode VII?

We should take this news with a giant grain of salt until we get an official synopsis, but I love to spread rumors, so here goes nothing. Your mom once gave a handie to Bob Barker behind the plinko board. See how rumory that was? On to the important stuff. The folks over at Latino Review are claiming they know who the main villain in Star Wars: Episode 7 will be. Are you ready for this?




For you regular folks, this may just sound like the rantings of some nerd you beat up in middle school, but even though that is true, this rumor is not out of the realm of possibility in the Star Wars universe. Cloning was an integral plot point in the prequels so it’s not crazy to think Palpatine cloned himself. Sources say the part will not be played by Ian McDiarmid, which leads me to believe his clone will be younger. All this speculation is just part of the eager anticipation for these movies and if you’re anything like me, you live for it…Or you have a girlfriend and gainful employment, which both lead you to a fruitful existence filled with human interaction and even physical intimacy. Either way, we both lead pretty awesome lives…I’m not crying I just got some failure in my eye.


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