DC’s SUICIDE SQUAD Has a Cast and it’s INSANE

Variety reports that DC has cast its’s upcoming movie “Suicide Squad”, which revolves around a group of villains who are given a chance to fight for good. The cast is almost unbelievable, but before you come to my house and splash moose piss in my eyes for lying, I want to repeat that this cast is CONFIRMED.

The Joker will be played by…







Harley Quinn will be played by…



MARGOT ROBBIE of “Wolf of Wall Street” Fame


Deadshot will be played by…


Will Smith!


Rick Flag will be played by…


Tom Hardy!


Boomerang will be played by…


Jai Courtney!


Enchantress will be played by…


Cara Delevingne!

I know this is a lot to take in all at once, but this bat-shit crazy mix of actors might actually form a pretty damn awesome movie. Movie studios will never be able to fully duplicate the sheer awesomeness of the comics we read (though Joss Whedon comes damn close) but we should take joy in the fact that they’re trying. Being “geeky” or “nerdy” has become mainstream and you can see it in the movies, on tv, in magazines, but to us it was never being geeky, it was just being normal and liking awesome stuff like Star Wars, Comics, video games, tentacle porn and technology. We are awesome. I’m awesome, that’s for damn sure. Our time has come and I think  well be seeing a lot more A-list celebrities jumping on the geek bandwagon. Be excited my virgin brethren and womthren, because I think it’s safe to say our sexual destinies are about to change. Oh, it’s not safe to say that? Sorry guys, looks like it’s back to the Japanese sex pillows. I’M COMING COTTENIA!


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