CBS TV Series Finds its SUPERGIRL


Marvel and DC have been at war since before you and I were ever born, whether it’s movies or television, the competition is getting heated. Marvel put its cards on the table with “Agents of Shield”, and DC is banking on the popularity of  “ARROW” and “The Flash” by re-introducing us to Superman’s cousin, Supergirl. CBS has chosen “Whiplash” actress Melissa Benoist to play the iconic female superhero Kara Zor-El, or “Supergirl” to the asshole or layman. I am extremely excited for this show, and not just because I am a die-hard advocate for equal rights between men and women, but because I am a geek, and geeks like boobies. I know what you’re going to say, “Geeks love boobies, because they’re all weird virgins who bang Japanese anime sex pillows”. My response to that is…Wow mom, that was mean and stop snooping around my room!

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