Apple to iAnnounce iPhone 6 on iSeptember 9th!

Well, it's that time again. Whether you're part of house iPhone, or house Galaxy, you will be checking out the annual iPhone event where an upgraded iPhone will be announced for you to oggle and eye bang. AppleInsider says it is supposedly taking place September 9th, so clear your schedule, get out your check book (if you still use one) and break out the lotion and tissues (for the tears of joy and calluses on your hand from excessive texting about the new iPhone you perverted creep) because it's about to get exciting. Oh, you iFap? I'm sorry, I didn't even know that was a thing. Carry on. Check out some of the supposed leaked photos of the new iPhone below!

Amazon Announces Fire Phone

Amazon is announcing their new Amazon Fire Phone as we speak. It comes with a 13mp camera, 4.7 inch display and a quad-core 2.2GHz processor. It has a lot of awesome features, but one awesome perk is Amazon is giving you unlimited cloud storage for photos. That will leave you a little extra money for whatever else you usually waste your money on...Maybe a pack of Razzles? Rumor is it will only be available for AT&T. It looks strikingly similar to an iPhone, but like I always say it comes down to preference. A reliable source from my other personality has just informed me the Fire Phone will not be eligible for Amazon Prime.  Check out photos and more info about the phone here!

Amazon Might Announce Their New 3D Smartphone Today

Year after year tech geeks around the world foam at the mouth in front of their computer screens, waiting impatiently for Apple or Samsung to vomit the new iteration of their smartphones onto the public. Today they might have a new and exciting splash of tech puke to enjoy from Amazon. Today Amazon is hinting a launch event for something new and it is believed that it will be their new 3D smartphone. So we will all wait with bated breath to see if they are actually announcing a smartphone, or just having an event where they just stand on stage and flip off various book publishers. Either way I'm sure Apple lawyers are probably very excited to have a new company to sue for patent infringement. You can check out the official site for the launch event here!

The Daily Show Tears Google Glass Users Apart and it’s Hilarious

This is a story from The Daily Show where they cover the harassment and intolerance Google glass users face in public. I, for one, think they're awesome, but just watch this video and witness the hardships these "poor" people face at the hands of people who are simply angry because they don't want to be filmed by a stranger without their permission.     The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook,Daily Show Video Archive Compelling and heart wrenching.

Alleged iPhone 6 Photos Leaked!

Every year the interwebnet is a beehive of speculation about the new iteration of iPhone. This year hasn't been any different as hundreds of supposed leaked images are vomited all over the place for people to drool over, only to find out most of them were fake. These new photos look pretty real and I am really torn on whether or not I like the new design. These new leaked images were apparently taken by some Taiwanese actor who claims to have an actual iPhone 6. Judge for yourself.     Apple could release an iPhone shaped like Rosie O Donnell's face and people would still buy it so it comes down to preference. You might prefer wearing a bathing suit in a pool, I might prefer not wearing a bathing suit and being politely asked not to swim in the pool nude. ...