Watch Jimmy Fallon Play Pierce Brosnan in GOLDENEYE 64

Goldeneye for Nintendo 64 was probably one of my favorite games for the console and I fondly remember playing paintball mode over and over until my fingers went numb. Jimmy Fallon had the pleasure of playing Pierce Brosnan at his own video game and proceeded to wreck him. Obviously super famous movie stars don't have much time to play video games, not even their own. Even when i become rich and famous and have a video game made about me I will always find time to play it. I've actually been working on a really original idea for my video game. It's called "Raid of Tombs" and it's about a male treasure hunter named Larry Craft who goes on many adventures and fights tigers and grave robbers and...Oh I'm being sued by the "Tomb Raider" people? Well then. Enjoy the video ...


I know most of the planet has seen "Guardians of the Galaxy" by now and there were a boat load of memorable moments, but even a masculine, manly, hairy man such as myself turned into a giggling child when this scene came onto the screen. If you haven't seen the movie yet you might not understand it, but if you have a soul, you will tear up and awws will come flowing out of your mouth faster than those tacos did after I ran on the treadmill for 2 minutes. Without further!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!