Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams Up For The Role of Ellie in THE LAST OF US Movie!

Arya Stark is the font runner for the role of Ellie in the live adaption of the hit playstation game "The Last of Us". At their panel at Comic-con producers of the movie spoke about meeting with her for the role and this geek couldn't be more excited. Hopefully this will pave the way for some other video game properties to get movies made. Personally I think there's one video game that has been overlooked for way too long. You guys probably know what I'm going to say....TENTACLE ORGY FANTASTIC PANDA BLAST SAGA 14! Oh, you were thinking Zelda? I have to stop playing these creepy Japanese sex video games.

Comic-Con Awesomeness: Xbox Has Revealed The Trailer For Its New TV Series HALO: NIGHTFALL!

Comic-con is a holy place for geeks and nerds alike and not only because it gives them a chance to meet up with fellow my little pony fans or "bronies", but they also get a chance to see hot women wearing revealing costumes see all of the exclusive releases from various movies and video games. Another awesome reveal has come our way in the form of the trailer for "Halo: Nightfall" which is a tv series that will lead up to the newest Halo game,  Halo 5: Guardians. If you've never heard of Halo, then you're obviously lost and may god have mercy on your soul.   I don't know how much harder my nipples can get, but I'm sure comic-con won't stop until I run out of shirts. Check out some images below!

Someone’s Getting Sued: British Game Retailer Leaks Release Date of GTA 5 for Xbox One and PS4

According to Xbox Magazine, a British video game retailer GameSeek, has posted a release date for "Grand Theft Auto V" for PS4 and Xbox One for November 7th 2014. This is especially odd since neither console companies, nor Rockstar have given a set release date. I think someone over at Gameseek might be getting a hiney slapping in the form of a cease and desist letter...or someone at Rockstar might actually bend a Gameseek employee over their lap and spank their ass. I don't know the ins and outs of how Rockstar conducts their legal business, but I do know I will be one of the suckers buying GTA 5 for a second time, because I am really excited to see how realistic the hookers can be rendered with the graphics capabilities of Xbox One. That came off a little ...

Play as Ripley in the ALIEN:ISOLATION Pre-Order DLC and Bask in the CGI Sigourney Weaver Sexiness…You Creep!

In order to lure some older gamers, the makers of "Alien: Isolation", are releasing a DLC with every pre-order of the game which allows you to play as Ripley and a few of the other doomed crew members of the "Nostromo", from the original movie "Alien". Most of the original cast have come back to voice the characters and rumor has it that Miley Cyrus will do the motion capture for the Xenomorphs in the game, which is sure to make them scarier and herpes-er than ever. UPDATE: For obvious reasons the CDC threatened to shut down production of the game if Miley Cyrus took part. After the motion capture set was quarantined and cleansed with flamethrowers the game was finally completed and the makers were told by the CDC that they would have been safer if they ...


  I am ecstatic over the news that Legendary Pictures have acquired the right to Dead Rising! Hopefully this production company doesn't jump out of the bushes, tear down Dead Rising's panties and violate it similar to the way the Resident Evil movies took my heart out for a drink, roofied it, then left it on the side of the road smelling like Drakkar Noir and regret. That was graphic. Well enough about my pain, back to the good news! You think you're excited? Feel these nipples! Check out the full article here!

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Gameplay Trailer Looks Awesome

Call of Duty has announced the next chapter in the series with "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Geeks and gamers rejoice as we finally have a new platform where we can be ourselves. A place where unnecessary outbursts of violence are commonplace and cursing out a 6 year old is just part of the game. Never before has Call of Duty given you so much hurl profanity riddled, homophobic remarks at complete strangers without any repercussions. This new chapter looks pretty cool, and with all the futuristic tech at your disposal, it should make for a much more enjoyable experience, or at the very least, a fun game to play in between threatening to bang your opponents mother after the match is over. Check out this game play trailer. Oh, and Kevin Spacey is in it too!

Next Resident Evil Movie Will Be the Last in Paul W.S. Anderson’s Butchering of the Franchise

I know I sound pretty cynical and I think i have every right to be. Resident Evil was a terrifying game, and even when I look back at the laughable graphics in the original game for the first playstation, I am still amazed at how scary it was. Then Anderson comes along and makes the worst possible video game to movie adaption I have ever seen, and somehow gets permission to keep throwing up these dumb sequels over and over. I'm done ranting, but as a die hard Resident evil fan, it's not enough to pepper in characters from the games, while completely destroying the story line and removing any elements that made the game so terrifying. Hooray for this news and to Paul W.S. Anderson. May god have mercy on your soul. The new movie is tentatively titled: "Resident ...


E3 has been full of excitement, with a sh*t ton of games being announced for the next gen consoles Xbox One and the Playstation 4. Dead Island was pretty fun and this game looks like it's going to be a cool continuation. Aside from the fact this game clearly takes place in L.A. (which is not an island) it looks pretty awesome. So tell your girlfriend it's time to buckle down on frivolous spending like food shopping and the gas bill, and start hoarding those ducats for some pre-ordering awesomeness; starting with this game. You're a geek. It's time to start getting your priorities in line. And let's be honest, if you're reading this blog, there's a 99.999999999% chance you don't have a girlfriend anyway, so that's one less thing to worry about!