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Op-Ed: Guardians of the Galaxy is Already Awesome

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Something is happening... I'm totally psyched for Guardians of the Galaxy. Now let me explain... I'm a Marvel Comics fan. I'm not a rabid fan, but I have my collection I've had since I was a kid. I know the heavy hitters: Spider-Man, X-Men, Iron Man, Captain America and the list goes on. Last year, when I saw the teaser for Guardians and found myself saying, 'what the hell is this?' In my head, I doubted the existence of the team in the Marvel Universe. I had never heard of these guys, but I didn't care. There's a certain air of arrogance there and that's okay, even though there's a raccoon parading around with a gun bigger than he is. Did I mention he spits and grabs his raccoon crotch? He gives no fucks. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta! The other interesting ...

Avengers 2 Trailer Is Nowhere To Be Found

I've been on a mission all weekend long to find the Avengers 2: Age of Ultron Trailer and to my dismay, I've found nothing. Of course I've found blips and re-tellings of the trailer, but no actual trailer. Kevin Feige said he wants to focus on marketing for Guardians of the Galaxy movie set to be released this Friday. I really don't know what you want Marvel. You've made a movie that stars a raccoon and the UK gave it 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. Congratulations! You've won! Meanwhile, I'm left with awesome posters and an idea of what the trailer will be like. James Spader taunting the Avengers in that voice that can make nerds swoon. Look out Benedict Cumberbatch. I'm actually surprised that the footage didn't find it's way out at all. Trust me Mr. Feige, if you release a trailer ...

Mark Hamill Sporting a Beard for New Star Wars Episode 7

"I sense something, a presence I've not felt since..." Since Episode 6. Mark Hamill seen above is sporting a luscious beard at Comic-Con yesterday. But not just any old man beard... this is a wise man beard. Dare I say, an Obi-Wan beard. As you can see the similarity is astounding. JJ Abrams is teasing us nerds and geeks in a world of technology and it's beautiful. Not everyone will state their happiness with it. Let's be honest, Star Wars fans are the most critical the galaxy has ever seen, but we can dream, deeper, like Inception. It's collapsing.

New Ben Affleck as Batman Photos

The Goddam Batman is back with a new photo. Let's give a round of applause to that righteous chin. There's an air of significance here. But questions still remains. What will he sound like? Will he fly? Will he throat punch?   I have to say I'm liking Ben better as Batman than I do Henry Cavill as Superman. Needless to say I had some issues with Man of Steel, but this still has a chance of being not the movie that DC fans needs, but the movie DC fans deserves. Just lighten up just a teensy bit, Sad Batman. Via Batman News

Comic-Con Awesomeness: Anticipating AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON

The beauty of the Internet means I can be on the other side of the world and still get the latest news. Next year, Avengers: Age of Ultron is expected to hit theaters in the summer. Last year at Comic-Con, they regurgitated the same music and choice lines from the first movie. And oh, they showed us a logo. Trust me I was geeking out like the rest of the world, but c'mon, they better show us the goods this year. Thankfully, Marvel has graced the interwebs with some pretty cool posters. ENJOY!

Oh the Armies of Ladies Are Coming…Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer is Here!

Oh the armies of ladies are coming... To theaters. (See what I did there.) The official trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey has been released to the masses. If you've been living under a rock, Fifty Shades is a book written by author E L James. In a nutshell, it's porn for women. Say what you will, it's not my cup of tea, but Beyoncé is making a revised version of Crazy of Love. Needless to say, I'm down. For the ladies out there, there are multiple wins for you. All I'd like to say is if you get to have Fifty Shades of Color, let me have Wonder Woman, regardless of her bust size. It's fantasy. It's fiction. Just like yours. Let me have my moment! In case you think I've forgotten, you also had Twilight. Leave my comics alone. Enjoy the ...

The Disgusting World of ISP Emails

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Guys... We need to have a talk. This is 2014. What does that mean? We have information on demand. The Internet allows us to access whatever we want. We have 24-hour pharmacies and 24-hour fast food spots. That means it's also incredibly convenient. And not only that, we are also blessed with the amazing convenience of it all. As if the tap of a keystroke was too difficult, we can speak to our mobile devices and it understands what you want. Everything is fast. And it's awesome. But there's something that puzzles me. It doesn't affect everyone, but there's a chance you know someone that does. It's called the ISP email. It's a terrible plague that that complicates the lives of hundreds of thousands of people every day. Please read on. (more…)

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