AT&T Fails With Their iPhone 6/6Plus Launch


Well, launch day has come and gone and with it comes a plethora of pissed off AT&T customers, seething due to an apparent “glitch” in their pre-ordering system. At 3 AM Pacific time, the entire world started slapping keys and began their journey into the world of iPhone ordering. On all platforms there were constant “We’re sorry” and error messages, but most people eventually got through. Apple was dead for some time before anyone was able to get through, and those with AT&T using the next program in New York were turned away from for some reason. Those who decided to go to AT&T after the Apple NEXT snub, were in for a rude awakening. Even if they ordered by 11:50-3:45AM Eastern, they were hit with a 14-21 day delivery estimate, but soon after were pushed back to late November. I know a shit ton of people who pre ordered, but I have to say, if the forums are any indicator, AT&T screwed the pooch. There are numerous screen shots of people who ordered their iPhone 6 on AT&T as late at 3PM on September 12th, who received their phones on launch, but those who sucked it up and woke up at the ass-crack of dawn got thrown around more than a wife of Ray Rice. Now I know you’re thinking…”Did he just compare AT&T to Ray Rice?” and that’s where I say, AT&T may not have punched those “Pre-Orderers” in the face, but it looks like a lot of the people who pre-ordered from AT&T are looking like a helpless girl being pummeled in a shitty casino elevator.


Twitter is blowing up with the complaints of thousands of AT&T customers, but though this may sound like a first world problem, AT&T seems to have screwed a lot of people.


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