Apple to Announce New iPhone and Possible iWatch at September 9th Event

It’s that time of the year again folks. Apple will be unveiling their new lineup of smart phones to the public, and the rumor mill is packed with alleged photos of the new iPhone as well as reports that Apple will be announcing their new wearable device, the “iWatch”.  Once again, this is all speculation, but the only thing that is guaranteed is that people will start camping out in front of Apple stores across the globe to be the first person to get their hands on one of these shiny devices. A “reliable” source has informed the Nerddren offices that Apple will be announcing some type of  wearable device at the event. That source also told us that this device will revolutionize the way we “take in” media. Alright, I have just received word that this source is, in fact, a homeless person who was referring to the “iDildo”, so I would like to apologize to our readers for the mistake and I will be changing the title of this post to “Apple to Announce New iPhone and Possible iDildo at September 9th event”. I would also like to welcome “Sticky Kenny” to the Nerddren family.

Check out some mockups of the new iPhone 6 below!






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