Call of Duty: ADVANCED WARFARE Multi-Player Trailer is Here!

It's that time of the year folks. The New COD is here and all you gamers out there can put down your Xbox or Playstation controller,  take a break from screaming profanity at the 7 year old who keeps noob tubing you, and bask in the explodey, bullety goodness of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. I know they're not words. Stop trying to control me! you're not my dad. Really? A restraining order? Maybe you are my dad. Check out the trailer below! Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare hits shelves 11-4-14!

Apple to iAnnounce iPhone 6 on iSeptember 9th!

Well, it's that time again. Whether you're part of house iPhone, or house Galaxy, you will be checking out the annual iPhone event where an upgraded iPhone will be announced for you to oggle and eye bang. AppleInsider says it is supposedly taking place September 9th, so clear your schedule, get out your check book (if you still use one) and break out the lotion and tissues (for the tears of joy and calluses on your hand from excessive texting about the new iPhone you perverted creep) because it's about to get exciting. Oh, you iFap? I'm sorry, I didn't even know that was a thing. Carry on. Check out some of the supposed leaked photos of the new iPhone below!

Resident Evil For Gamecube Getting a Facelift For the Next Gen Consoles

Like one of those west african cave goblins on real housewives of wherever, Capcom doesn't know when to stop. Like the leathery faces of those drunken ass hats, Capcom is going to suck out some fat, maybe take some skin off the ass and put it on the face of Resident Evil for Gamecube and re-release it for Xbox One and PS4. Remastering titles for next gen is lazy. I would much rather see a re-imagining of the original Resident Evil, than play the same godamn game over and over. I loved this game when it came out for Gamecube. I also loved pong, but that doesn't mean I want them to remaster the two lines and make the ball round. Wait...can they do that? REMASTER PONG!

Microsoft to Release White Xbox One Bundled With Sunset Overdrive!

For all you gamers that were butt-hurt over Xbox One returning to the black color scheme of the original Xbox console, REJOICE! Microsoft has announced they will be releasing a kinect-free, white Xbox One console bundled with the upcoming game Sunset Overdrive. I must admit that the white console looks gorgeous, but as long as I can see all the my little pony decals while I'm sniping people in Call of Duty Ghosts, I am a happy camper. WORDPLAY! Check out the full article at Polygon !